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As time goes by,
do you ever stop
to wonder why you're here
and what your purpose is?
Do you ever take the time to consider
the profound nature of your destiny
and all that you might one day entail?

Well stop.
Stop your fucking pondering.

Because it isn't going to make a difference.
You're here, and that's the only thing that matters
And that's the one thing that really counts.
You have a purpose, yes.
We all do.
And your purpose and plan will come to you
all in due time.
But it isn't going to make one damn bit of difference
if you just sit there
and ponder your life away.

Get up and live your life.
Because life is a gift,
One that can be taken away at any moment,
One that we need to take the time to appreciate now.
So stop.

Stop wondering while you're wandering,
And maybe you'll wander into something wonderful.

Because it's all about life and how you live it.
So live it now. This is your one chance.
Your one chance to see the vibrant beauty of it all,
The color and the emotion and the insanity of it all,

And that is what's truly wonderful.